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Check out my free 2nd annual Top 10 Dividend StocksThe basket of 10 dividend stocks in the report are up 23.8% YTD (as of September 23rd, 2021), beating the Dow Jones U.S. Select Dividend Index (20.38%) by 3.42%. 


Last year's report, the top 10 dividend stocks for 2020 delivered a total return of 30.2% over a one year period starting on October 29, 2019, handily beating the Dow Jones US Select Dividend Index (-20%) and S&P 500 (11%). All 10 stocks raised their dividend year-over-year, with an annual dividend increase of 7.5% as a portfolio.

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  • Top 10 dividend stocks that have solid dividend track record, can sustain dividend growth, have solid business model and are reasonably valued

  • Detailed analysis of each top 10 dividend stock

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