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Random thoughts about Wall Street

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

From the Consciousness of The Wealthy Owl


Quick and not necessarily connected tidbits on stocks that caught my attention for good or bad reasons in the month of November, and general wealth creation thoughts


Some tech stocks I follow hit some pretty frothy valuations in November : Splunk (NASDAQ: SPLK), Shopify (TSX: SHOP), The Trade Desk (NASDAQ: TTD), Roku (NASDAQ: ROKU), Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), and Facebook (NASDAQ: FB). Got me thinking, what the next high-flying tech stock could be and how to find them. I had a passing thought it might be Uber (NYSE: UBER). Before your groans drown my voice out, allow me to explain briefly. Uber may yet work out its current troublesome economics thru tech and business model innovation. Sounds like they are making some minor short term improvements in terms of cost reductions, but personally I think the step change improvement will come when Uber cracks the code on getting passengers to share cars with strangers and autonomous driving. New services taking off, like Uber Eats will also help…Uber stock hit a new floor on November 6th, caused me to dip my toe in the Uber waters with the initiation of a very small position…so far so good? I’m up 6% since I purchased at the beginning of the month but Uber was denied a recent renewal request for an operating license in one of their top five markets this month – London, England…Speaking of risky bets, will BlackBerry’s recent sales deals with Canadian Pacific Rail and Arrival, UK based rival to Tesla, finally turnaround this turnaround story?

I continue to look for so called “recession proof” companies that pay steady and growing dividend income. Think I've found one in Houlihan Lokey Inc (NYSE: HLI). Read why.

When will the US-China trade negotiation noise die down? When can we get back to scrutinizing Chinese companies for poor corporate governance?...After Nike’s recent hiring of the PayPal Chairman as their new CEO, should we expect a wave of other “non tech” companies to hire tech executives? I guess the digital transformation is just getting started.

As I become more active on social media with my personal finance musings I’m getting a lot more unsolicited messages from financial advisors. I definitely see value in financial advisors who are competent and have motivations are aligned to yours. That disqualifies some of the sales people out there positioning themselves as financial advisors. It got me thinking about my Point of View on financial advisors and I came up with this…Nobody cares about your money and financial future as much as you do – Nobody! Whether you decide to be a do-it-yourself investor or work with a financial advisor, if you want to build wealth it starts with you being the CEO of your financial freedom.

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